“Ms. Ellie”

 Elnora Fugitt was born in Corpus Christy, Texas and moved to Memphis Tennessee after marrying her one true love.  Together they raised a wonderful daughter in the same house where Ms Ellie lives today.

Her husband past way 20 years ago and her daughter moved to Nashville for business.  Ms. Ellie still has all of her friends and social activities to keep her busy.

When her health starting giving her trouble she need help.  She had spent some time in a hospital due to a heart attach and a few mild strokes.  Once released from the hospital she still need help.  Her daughter did the best she could to help but living and working in Nashville made it almost impossible.

Ms. Ellie made the CHOICE to live her life at home, but still get assistance when she needed it.  Together with her daughter, they assemble a group of Caregivers that would visit her private home on a regular basis.  She  found these caregivers working for various agencies and noticed some common things will all of them.  They truly cared.  They were all over worked.  And in her opinion, under paid for the services the provide.

Ms Ellie’s quality of life improved GREATLY over the following weeks and months.  She knew it was from the ability of being in the comforts of her own home.  There truly is “no p